The Final Grades

The table on this screen lists the final grades and their breakdown as shown to the students. If there are missing values in the table then it is possible to "go back" and add these. In fact, there are two adjustments which can be made to the Final Grades.

  1. If a teacher's grade needs to be added then the piece of work can be graded by going to the teacher's Management screen for assignment and clicking on the link "Student Submissions for Assessment". Any outstanding submissions can be graded. Once this has been done then move the assignment back to Phase 3 and re-calculate the Final grades. In a similar way any assessments which have not been graded can be graded from the Management screen.
  2. If it is desired to use a different weighting scheme then the assignment should be moved back to Phase 3 and link "Calculate Final Grades" can be clicked and the new weights entered. After the grades have been re-calculated the assignment should be moved to Phase 4 to make the new grades available.

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